Thursday, 9 January 2014


A lot of media fluster about sugar this morning, some single issue campaigning group trying to make out that a single substance or group of substances is behind the "obesity epidemic".

I'm sure these underemployed cardiologists have looked at the evidence, but the sugar consumption thing has always intrigued me as I used to make the stuff. In the UK we make / import about 2.5 million tonnes of sugar net of exports and it has been like this for 30 years or more. I must dig out those statistics.

Meanwhile I looked at a UK Govt food survey statistical digest and pulled out the data below :-
I have also been reading a paper from 1995 which observed that ..
The prevalence of clinical obesity in Britain has doubled in the past decade.....  However, average recorded energy intake in Britain has declined substantially as obesity rates have escalated.
So the fans of calorie restriction have a real problem. They can't blame obesity on gluttony, as several datasets and studies show that our calorie intake is declining. So they're left with sloth and assuming that we're all doing 1000 calories a day less activity (yeah, right) to justify the increase in obesity.

Likewise the fructophobic cardiologists, in remission from lipophobia, are going to struggle to explain the effect of declining sugar intake on increasing obesity.

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