Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Book review may signal change is in the air

A book review may not be a policy statement, but it may reveal some of the thinking and views of the reviewers. The review in question is that of Nina Teicholz's journalistic tome "Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet" which explores and exposes the background and evolution of current dietary guidelines. Nina herself halved her blood triglycerides by switching to a diet of "60% fat (plenty of it saturated), 25% protein and 15% carbohydrates" however it should be noted that she is an investigative writer rather than a research scientist or n=1 experimenter.

The authors of the review are Debbie Cook and David Haslam of the UK's "National Obesity Forum" - "Debbie Cook is the Vice Chair at National Obesity Forum, and a Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Manager" and Prof David Haslam is the Chair of the National Obesity Forum and  the eminent non-executive Chair of the UK's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

It seems likely, or at least possible, that the review will disappear in a storm of controversy, but some of the interesting extracts are :-

The UK is ready for the revelation that sugar is toxic, and that refined carbohydrates and fruit juice are detrimental to health, and has taken it fairly well. But the next big shock wave – that another macronutrient is an important, healthy and necessary part of the diet: namely saturated fat – may take some swallowing. 
 In a meticulously well researched book, we are informed and educated about why the modern world faces an epidemic of obesity, why generations of Americans religiously followed the nutritional dogma fed to them by researchers of questionable integrity.

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