Saturday, 10 October 2015

Atkins Diet success story

Shirley, age 63 and with hypothyroidism, reports a weight loss of 6 stone / 84 lbs / 38 kg in 17 months through following the Atkins diet without exercise and with support from the Atkins UK community forum. That's an average loss of over 1.2 lbs per week.

Here's her story in her own words......
Hi everyone - have not posted for a while (and when I do it tends to be a novel so prepare yourselves!) but wanted to share with you all that I have reached and even exceeded my goal weight by over 2lb! It has taken 17 months but I am beyond chuffed with myself. From a start weight of 15st 11lb and a size 22/24 to 9st 111/4lb and a size 12/14 as of today. That is nearly 6 st off and 52 ins in total from upper arms, bust, waist, hips and thighs and may even be more inches as I did not measure myself until 8 weeks in. My BMI would probably have me at still slightly overweight but I feel that the weight I am now is the right one for me. 

When I started I was not sure if Atkins would work being far less active than when I was working and having hypothyroidism but it certainly has. I do have a little loose skin now but hey ho I am 63, was overweight for many years and no doubt have less collagen than when I was younger so it is understandable. I also feel that this is a small price to pay for feeling great and not just psychologically but physically as well which I am convinced in the case of the latter is due to the low carb food I eat now.

I am lucky in that I have had no major stalls and for the first year the weight and inches came off steadily. In the last few months there have been a few weeks where I may not have lost but I have been able to identify and rectify what has caused it which has usually been too much protein and/or not enough fat. Interestingly and especially of late I developed a pattern whereby I would go perhaps 2 weeks where I lost little weight but lost inches and then have a couple of weeks where I lost weight and little in the way of inches.I did not exercise apart from that gained from housework, walking etc. I am most definitely not a gym person and while I may have lost weight more quickly if I had been it confirms that exercise is not necessary in the long term if you cannot or do not want to go down that route.

In the main I have adapted what I am preparing for others in the house to suit the way I eat. At other times I may make a different meal for myself but they always are quick to prepare. Yesterday I fancied something different to my other half so had crispy skinned salmon on a bed of sautéed (in butter) leeks, shallots and courgette noodles and it was delicious - prepared and ready in about 20 mins. While on the subject of courgette noodles no need to buy a spiralizer just keep a look out for a julienne peeler which does the job no problem. I got mine from a local market for £2. MIMS - love them! I make mine in the oven in batches and freeze them. For the savoury ones I use half milled flax and half ground almonds (very cheap at Lidl's) and flavour with parmesan cheese and salt and pepper and bake in a deep muffin tray. I also make a mean chocolate one topped with a small amount of coconut sprinkled on which toasts as they bake. When I first started making them I found them to be a bit dry so now add almond milk to slacken off the mixture and leave it to stand for about 5 mins before I bake them which works a treat and gives a lovely moist result.

I have to admit to using Atkins bars but limit then to about two per week. For me they have been a bit of a 'treat' with a cup of coffee made with cream in the evenings and have not found that they adversely affected my weight loss or given me 'tummy' problems but I am aware that others may have had a different experience. However they do cost a lot if you pay full price so I wait until they are on special offer and stock up.

Meals out in the UK have not been a problem as I am usually able to find something on a menu that suits Atkins and even over Christmas I stuck very much to plan. However my dilemmas of whether to eat off plan came on holidays. In the early days I kept as close to Atkins as I could throughout a stay in Venice and Med cruise and came home 2.5lbs lighter. On the next trip (an all inclusive) I again stuck as close as I could to Atkins food wise but allowed myself a few drinks of spirits and diet coke - I neither lost or gained on that one. The next two I decided I would have a few treats and of course gained weight. I did get right back on track as soon as I got home and lost what I put on within a week. Although this gave me confidence that when on holiday I can have a few treats and deal with the consequences I think it is up to the individual how they feel about and approach eating off plan at certain times. For me I think staying on plan as much as possible in the early days was the right 
thing as gaining back lost weight may well have de-motivated me. We are off to the Far East in a few weeks and I fully intend to try some of the food on offer but will have, as Ellen has mentioned in her posts and which I have used before, a clear exit strategy which will be a return to induction the minute we touch down on British soil so that I can deal with the inevitable weight gain.
I really have to end this post as although I did warn you about my 'novels' and I am sure by now you are thoroughly bored. Before I sign off though I just wanted to say that although I post infrequently I do read the forum every day and have got a great of inspiration, humour, comfort, support, advice and guidance from Linda and the many people who contribute. I do not think I would have done it without you all and have no doubt that I will continue to visit often to check how you are all doing!

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